THR Maintenance in Progress

The Bad News: THR is down, and after fighting everything else I’m simply moving THR to a different server. This will take hours.

The Good News: This wasn’t how I wanted to introduce it, and I don’t feel like it’s properly structured yet, but we have a sister forum that I might as well introduce now: notechtyranny. This is intended to be a discussion area for our community for everything other than firearms. Join, talk, or just follow the updates on THR here:

Prior Message: You’re seeing this because I’m still fighting with firewall issues, and instead of leaving things half-fixed with more downtime in the future, I’m working to fight through the problems instead.

The good news:

  • This is hosted from a server sitting right next to THR
  • This site is using Cloudflare as THR is configured to do (and has been doing for years)
  • Everything is working cleanly on this server, without issues. Firewall issues have apparently been solved, which (of course) means there’s an issue with the server being picky about actually accepting incoming web connections.
  • So we’re a couple of steps closer. Minutes to hours remaining…

I’ll post progress here as I can. You’ll see intermittent cloudflare 522/523 messages in the mean-time.

As you may have deduced: some servers are working fine. Others (THR) aren’t, even though settings are identical.

I’m working on finding the problematic setting…